Eutop Arkitekter is an architectural practice located in Bergen, Norway.
The office is run by Sondre Bakken and Christopher Byrne, both educated
M.Arch. from Bergen School of Architecture.

'As architects we are very engaged in our work and enjoy working with a wide range of projects. We wish to have a close dialogue both with our clients and the site through out the process, from planning to construction. Local qualities in relation to landscape, climate and surroundings, set the premises for each of our architectural projects.

Our work is combination of digital and analogue techniques, through drawings,
physical models and prototyping we test concepts and solutions up to full scale.

Architecture to us is not a set style or method but a continuous exploration
of the relation between functionality, craft and materials as we aim to create
buildings that fit to their specific surroundings, and create good spaces for the
people who inhabit them.'


-Eutop Arkitekter

'In search of good space'



Things we do:

  • Housing

  • Cabins

  • Public commisions

  • Interiors

  • Furniture

  • Renovations

  • Planning permissions

  • Extentions

  • Exhibitons

  • Installations

  • Planning

  • Model building

  • Visualizations

  • Illustrations



Sondre Bakken

Partner, Architect

M.Arch - Bergen School of Architecture
Bachelor, Structural Engineering - HiB


Christopher Byrne

Partner, Architect MNAL

M.Arch - Bergen School of Architecture